Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Maiden & Little Bird

Little bird little bird, come to me
I have a clean cage already for thee
Many bright flowers I'll bring anew
And fresh ripe cherries, all wet with dew

Thanks little maiden, for all thy care
But I dearly love the clear, cool air
And my snug little nest in the old oak tree
Is better than golden cage for me

Little bird, little bird, where wilt thou go?
When all the fields are buried with snow?
The ice will cover the old oak tree
Little bird, little bird, stay with me!

Ah nay little maiden, away I will fly
To greener fields and warmer sky
When Spring comes back with cheerful rain
My joyful song you will hear again

Little bird, little bird, who will guide thee?
Over the hills and over the sea?
Foolish one, come with me to stay
If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll lose your way

No little maiden, God guides me
Over the hills and over the sea
He made me free as the morning air
To drink sunshine everywhere

This is a poem my mother used to recite for us (my sister and I) when we were little girls. She memorized it from a certain book she had when she was a little girl herself. Since years ago I google many times for this poem, but failed to find it.

To my surprise, with some combination of keywords, eventually Uncle Google showed me some versions of the poem which is also a nursery rhymes. I also found that maybe there is no "original version" since I don't know which one is the most reliable version.
So I stick to my mother's memory with some adjustment.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Apakah ini sesi memadu?

Sesi memadu 1:

Tetesan embun di pucuk kenangan
kutampung dalam genggaman
Kabut yang kaburkan pandangan
kini mengalir jadi gelombang

Sesi memadu 2:

Aku rindu Pengeran Senja
Warnanya merah lembayung jingga
Datang bersama angin, pergi bersama hujan
membawa aku melambung angan

Sesi memadu 3:

I miss the colours of sunset as I miss you
I miss the colours of the ocean as I remember you

I miss the thousand greens that you showed me
Untill one day maybe we'll meet again