Monday, November 08, 2004


On a day like this, I would love to climb, to the loftiest peak of them all
In the Santa Lucia mountains and sit by a waterfall,
Where all I could see as I turned my head, is the blue of the sea and sky,
A wind torn cloud like a tattered sail, on a ship that is passing by,
To gaze till my eyes have had their fill, and to hark to the glorious sound,
Of the singing birds and the rustling trees, where all the way out is down,
I would love to pose for the painting class, and be painted in all my glory,
With the moss green earth for the attic floor, in the worlds high upper story.

To sit at the very top of the world,
would give me the greatest bliss,
And that is the thing that I'd love to do,
on a glorious day like this.


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