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Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the Nineties, a long way of flash back

Another fun voting , easier yet harder than the previous one (Top 50 Hong Kong Movies of the 2000's).
Hmm what do I got...?

I realize I didn't watched enough HK movies of that era. I even watched most of these movies on the year 2000s, through TV or VCD. This list has been updated and submitted.This is not about the greatest movie, but what I like and remember.

  1. Chungking Express (Wong Kar Wai, 1994)-->. The most Lovable of the WongKarWaians =)
  2. The Lovers (Tsui Hark, 1994)--> overwrought romantic drama it is...I fell in love to the beautiful music & art direction, plus some cultural lessons perhaps.
  3. Ashes of Time (Wong Kar Wai, 1994)-->..this is the original, not the Redux, with one of the Best Soundtracks EVER
  4. The Bride with White Hair (Ronny Yu Yan-Tai, 1993).--> looking for tragedy? we have the Legendary beauty Brigitte Lin and the late legendary charismatic Leslie Cheung here.
  5. Comrade. Almost a love Story (Peter Chan, 1996), definitely uniquely romantic
  6. Days of being Wild (1990)---> It's Wong Kar Wai's break through!!!
  7. Happy Together (1997), --> do I really have to vote for all Wong Kar Waians? even the most depressing and stressful one?
  8. Fallen Angels (WKW, 1995)--> Kinda feels like an obligation. With pleasure however..=p
  9. Temptress Moon (1996) --->..the only Chen Kaige's qualified for this poll.
  10. God of Cookery (Stephen Chow, Lee Lik-Chi, 1996)--> was my preparation before Shaolin Soccer
  11. Green Snake (1993, Tsui Hark)--> again, beautiful music & art direction & beautiful Maggie
  12. What Price Survival.(Daniel Lee Yan-Kong, 1994) -->for the dilematic and unforgettable twist ending Hollywood must learn.
  13. Once Upon a Time in China (Tsui Hark, 1991)--> Humm It's Jet Li, artistic, historical, fun. Unfortunately, dont remember the sequels.
  14. Shanghai Grand (Poon Man-Kit, 1996)-->Ugh it's political, it's brutal, about revenge, brotherhood, love complication, familiar frustrating plot and that's why I put it on this list.
  15. Fong Sai Yuk (Tsui Hark, 1993)--> Fun to watch, interesting action
  16. The Adventurers (Ringo Lam, 1995) another political brutal revenge love gunshot actions. I avoid this movie while running on TV first time I saw it. But the next time I learn to watch it and somehow I like it enough to make it memorable.
  17. Flirting Scholar (Lee Lik-Chee, 1993)--> Stephen Chow, nonsense comedy it is....
  18. A Moment of Romance II (Benny Chan, 1993)
  19. I didn't really manipulated by the tear-jerker plot, but this second of the series is the one still planted on my memory, and I have to complete this list.
  20. Dragon Inn (Raymond Lee, 1992)
  21. I like the Taiwanese serial much much better. least we have Maggie, Brigitte & Big Tony here
  22. A Man Called Hero (Andrew lau, 1999) well some points for the appearance of young Nicholas Tse and that make it the 20th. last I can make it to twenty title,
I missed many HongKong good movies of that decade. That's all I can get for my list, maybe not the very good ones. but somehow quite memorable for me. And this is what the voting is for.

actor by stat:
Leslie Cheung: 6
Tony leung Chiu Wei: 3
Andy Lau: 3
Jacky Cheung: 1
Leon Lai: 2
Stephen chow: 2
Jet Li: 2
Tony Leung Ka Fai: 1
Aaron Kwok 1
Ekin Cheng 1 (ohh really..)
what? No Chow Yun Fat? hmm there must be some reasons...

Updated 20 march 2010
Result so far:
Shanghai Grand #73
Flirting Scholar #67
The Lovers #50
Green Snake # 36
Dragon Inn #33
The Bride with White hair # 24

Hmm I couldn't expect much about my number 16, 18 and 20 but the others, I hope they can make it to TOP 20

Updated 21 march 2010
Ashes of Time #17
Fallen Angels #15
Happy Together#13
Fong Sai Yuk #12
Comrades, Almost a Love Story #11

Hmm now for the top 10, I can only hope for my #1 & #10, on TOP 3 I bet! #13 will be in too, but the sequel, OUATC II will rank higher. I hope many people voted for my # 9, for our love to Leslie Cheung. I Think #12 won't make it.

Updated 24 march 2010

Yeah the top ten!!!
God of Cookery #10
Days of Being Wild #9
Once Upon a Time in China #7

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