Monday, December 14, 2009

My list of 10 favourite Hong Kong movies released during the years 2000-2009

Movies I voted for list of Top 50 Hong Kong Films of the Decade.

1. 2046
2. Time and Tide
3. Infernal Affairs
4. In The Mood for Love
5. Lust, Caution
6. Curse of the Golden Flower
7. Ashes of Time Redux
8. The Eye
9. Shaolin Soccer
10.Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This poll is for Hongkong movies, with some criterias from the voting organizer. Ang Lee's & Zhang Yimou's on this list already pass the criterias. Also Ashes of Time Redux, which original version was produced on 1994.
So In this list I have one Tsui Hark's, three WKW's, two Ang Lee's, One Stephen Chow's, One Pang Bros, one Andrew Lau's, one Zhang Yimou's.

Addendum: I should have put Hero in number 6 and Chinese Odissey 2002 in number 10. Redux & Crouching Tiger will be sadly removed from this top ten. But still in top fifteen perhaps.. Hmm I should make my top 25 or top 50 for Chinese movies, so all Zhang Yimou's (except House of flying dagger) will make to the list.

You can check the complete result as republished here

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