Saturday, February 11, 2012

Which type is your favourite?

Complications of love triangle, love quadruple(?) etc. happen in movies. In this case, there are two main questions that one character might need to ask the other.

1. Who is it that you really love? (is it me?)

2. Did you ever really love me?

By different movies, there are different types on the way those questions were asked and the way they were answered. Here I make some analysis, based on movies I have watched:

  1. The questions were asked, and the characters answered it directly, with some explanations, definitions, and some "inspirational sweet talk" that will definitely capture the other character's heart. Most of it were done in public. (You’ve seen those speeches in too many Hollywood movies.)
  2. The questions were asked and answered with words. Though the conclusions can still be tragic and disturbing. (most Korean dramas.)
  3. The questions never pronounced, written nor it is answered by words. Sometimes the characters don’t get the answers but the viewers got it implicitly, or have to make their own answers or leave it unanswered. (This applies to most Chinese-HK film, while “Don’t Go breaking My Heart” is a maaaajor exclusion).
  4. We don’t even know who needs to ask the questions, what to ask, and who to ask. This is the ultimate complications. (For some movies that need 2nd or 3rd viewing to get us to number 3, or to get us nowhere).

*Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I use English because to write “pernahkah kamu benar2 mencintai saya?” & “Siapakah yang sebenarnya paling kamu cintai” feels so cheesy for me, but hey! I just did

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