Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My "How to Watch a WongKarWai Film"

1. Alone:
Admiring the wonderful cinematography with dynamic cameras and unusual angles, tasting the bold attractive colors that define each movie uniquely with such a clear signature of the filmakers; Enjoying the catchy tunes and songs that will stuck in your head for years; Silently rephrasing the quotes that you realize are not that genuine because they're just things you already know or heard and have been there somewhere in your subconsciousness. You just didn't know how to put them in words while they say it all with such a convincing way that's so damn cool and touching; Recalling any memories of similar psychological experiences, or just wondering what you'd do if one day you'll get through anything close; Getting annoyed by the disturbing parts that you just want to forget and you might need years before gathering strength to watch the movie again.. (and yeah, you want to watch the movie again); Screaming over the gorgeous talented actors and/ or you might need to pinch or squeeze anything or anybody within your reach.

2. With fellow fans & movie appreciator or critics:
To share the experience we get from the movie, seriously discuss every aspects, like that normal "kine klub" thing, or just having that faithful fans endless babble on praising the director, the cinematographer, the composer, the actors, etc.

3. With fans of the actors who actually can't get into the story though enjoying their appearance and performances

4. With movie appreciators who know good movies but don't give a damn about who Takeshi Kaneshiro, Leslie Cheung or the two Tony Leung are

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