Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Departed & IA

Infernal Affairs fans claim The Departed as a failure. The Departed fans who definitely watch it before the original work, claim Infernal Affairs as a slow, boring and sappy movie. I like both movies. For sure, each of them have their own unique style, despite the remaining questions: Why remake? Does Scorsese really deserve an Oscar for this one, not for his other works? Why don’t they make they own story?
Well, the answers are just what we already knew.... They already run out of ideas and the Academy Award was political as always. I think they won’t let Babel, (a much, much better and unique story in my opinion) with the Mexican director won, and Scorsese had missed some Oscars he deserved for his previous movie.
Though I like both movies, Infernal Affairs is the special one. And this song is one of the reasons that make Infernal Affairs better than the remake. This is the background song for the most tragic and painful death scenes I ever seen in a movie. Just.. tragic and painful. The Departed doesn’t have this kind of mood.

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